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Foundational Issues

The MMDC recognizes that certain fundamental elements must be in place for our region to reach its full potential. These elements include:

Adequate Housing

In order to support the workforce our employers require, a wide variety of housing is needed, from low-income/subsidized apartments to executive housing. We also need accessible homes for our seniors and individuals with disabilities, so they can remain independent and fully-participate in community living. The MMDC is happy to partner with communities and developers to create a more robust stock of housing at all levels. Click here to learn more.


Adequate access to the internet is no longer a luxury. Like other utilities, it has become a crucial component to our daily lives. In addition to satisfying our entertainment needs, businesses and educators rely on reliable, high-speed internet access to reach their respective audiences. The MMDC seeks to collaborate with those who share our vision to make access available to all our region’s residents. Click here to learn more.


Parents who cannot find adequate childcare cannot fully-participate in our region’s workforce. This severely limits the ability of our businesses to thrive and grow. The MMDC firmly believes in supporting initiatives that create more childcare slots by supporting home-based childcare providers, childcare centers, and all who work in the childcare industry. Click here to learn more.


An “all hands on deck” approach is needed to support our local economy. We need to make certain that all our residents, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, ability/disability, and/or age have the opportunity to contribute. We must recognize that it is our differences that add richness to the culture of our communities. The MMDC will always support and encourage initiatives that increase equity and opportunity for all. Click here to learn more.


While many choose to drive, it is important to understand that this is not a viable option for all. The costs of ownership for even a modest vehicle can be daunting for some and others may no longer feel safe in the driver’s seat. A growing number of people have also decided to make a conscious effort to reduce their footprint on the environment by forgoing vehicle ownership. The MMDC is working to help residents from across our region connect with the rides they need. Click here to learn more.

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