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The Mid-Minnesota Development Commission works with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access (MCOTA) to help our non-driving individuals connect with the transportation they need to fully participate in community life.

If you're not sure how to connect with the transportation you need to stay healthy and active, please refer to our Transportation Resource Guide (above) or call us at (320) 235-8504.

Rural Transportation Road Close Up

Transportation Ambassador Assistance

The MMDC's Regional Transportation Coordinator, Terry Smith, is happy to speak with groups, large and small, to inform them on transportation options and transportation-related topics (driver retirement, funding rides, etc.).

Please contact Terry today to learn more!

Informative Videos

The MMDC is currently developing a series of videos aimed at helping our residents learn about the various transportation options available throughout our region. We will post these videos in this location as soon as they are ready. Thank you!

Volunteer Driver Programs and Opportunities

Volunteer drivers are crucial to the well-being of many in our communities. These individuals often travel to the homes of non-drivers (often older adults or people with disabilities) take them to medical appointments or other locations, and then return them home. In addition to providing a safe ride, these volunteers provide important social interaction. In addition to receiving a modest expense reimbursement, volunteer drivers can feel good about the fact they are helping a neighbor stay in their home while remaining active in their community!

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver, or if you or a loved one are in need of a volunteer driver. We'll be happy to help connect you with someone who can help!

Other Resources

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