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The makeup of the MMDC’s Board of Commissioners is rooted in the Regional Development Act Provisions and is governed by Minnesota State Statutes.

All regional development commissions (RDCs) are to ensure the majority of commissioners are locally elected officials. This includes one county commissioner, a city representative, and a township representative from each county in the region. In addition, two commissioners representing school boards are required. Cities with a population greater than 10,000 are also entitled a representing member.

State Statutes also permit additional “special interest” members under the MMDC’s Board discretion. These commissioners lend important perspective on important regional issues (e.g. workforce issues, aging issues).

MMDC’s Board of Commissioners Currently Includes:

Tony Hausladen
Represents Winsted Township
(a McLeod County Township)

Rollie Nissen
Represents the Transportation Sector,
in the Public Interest

Kiza Olson
Represents the Healthcare Sector,
in the Public Interest

Kevin Crowley (Treasurer)
Represents the City of Pennock
(a Kandiyohi County Municipality)

Doug Erickson
Represents Renville County Commissioners

Carl Shuldes
Represents the City of Willmar
(a Kandiyohi County City With a Population of Over 10,000 Residents)

Tiffany Barnard
Represents Region Six East School Boards
(Hutchinson Public Schools)

Jon Hawkinson
Represents the City of Olivia
(a Renville County Municipality)

Sue Hilgert (Secretary)
Represents Mental Health & Addiction Treatment, in the Public Interest

Jill Hoff
Represents our Local Workforce Development Board in the Public Interest

Doug Krueger
Represents McLeod County Commissioners

Thomas McDonnell
Represents the Manufacturing Sector, in the Public Interest

Maureen Melgaard-Schneider
Represents our Aging Population (MN Board on Aging) in the Public Interest

Robert Moller
Agriculture and Aggregate Mining Sectors in the Public Interest

Steve Stotko
Represents the City of Winsted
(a McLeod County Municipality)

Shawn Mueske (Chair)
Represents Higher Education (Ridgewater College) in the public interest

Roger Imdieke
Represents Kandiyohi County Commissioners

Chris Rowan
Represents the City of Watkins
(a Meeker County Municipality)

Lorallen Schmeling
Represents Cedar Mills Township
(a Meeker County Township)

Steve Schmitt
Represents Meeker County Commissioners

Dave Sebesta (Member At Large)
Represents the City of Hutchinson
(a McLeod County City with a Population Over 10,000)

Paul Simonsen
Represents Brandon Township
(a Renville County township)

Berit Spors
Represents People With Disabilities and Youth, In the Public Interest

Represents Willmar Township
(a Kandiyohi County Township)

Jeff Vetsch
Represents Region Six East School Boards
(New London-Spicer Public Schools)

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