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The MMDC is aware that Starlink, a satellite constellation being constructed by SpaceX to provide satellite internet access, is currently in development. Hundreds of satellites have been launched into space, sometimes 60 at a time, with a plan for thousands more. Once complete, it has been promised that this network will be able to provide affordable, high-speed internet service around the world. This will include rural areas that currently lack broadband infrastructure.

Beta-testing has already begun in North America, with reported download speeds of over 100 Mbps, upload speeds of about 40 Mbps, and one-way latency time of under 20 milliseconds. SpaceX’s long-term goal is to reach 8 milliseconds in latency and 1 Gbps for downloads. However, these preliminary results are already in line with video game-worthy broadband latency and average download speeds offered by broadband companies in the U.S.

Blue Fiber Optic Bands

Broadband Infrastructure

While the MMDC believes Starlink has the potential to be a real game-changer for our rural residents, businesses, and educators, we also remain interested in more traditional forms of internet service delivery, as we know competition benefits the consumer. If you have a broadband-related project in mind, please do not hesitate to tell us about it.

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