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ArctanderLynsey Pierce(320) 212-67321st Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
BurbankDeb Ringler(320) 979-08162nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
ColfaxAlice Hjelle(320) 354-21031st Monday @ 7:00 PM
DovrePat Jacobs(320) 235-20151st Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
East Lake LillianTim Macik(320) 877-76872nd Tuesday (contact clerk for time)
EdwardsAnn Zimmer(320) 967-47894th Monday @ 7:00 PM (Jan - Mar)
3rd Monday @ 7:00 PM (Apr - Dec)
FahlunSarah Leshuk(320) 260-61944th Thursday (contact clerk for time)
GennesseeRoger Benson(320) 974-85752nd Monday @ 7:30 PM
Green LakeKristine Bengston(320) 796-5514Last Thursday @ 7:00 PM
HarrisonJames George(320) 974-36392nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
HollandJoann Swart(320) 905-55432nd Tuesday (contact clerk for time)
IrvingDonnel Williamson(320) 220-31003rd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
KandiyohiJoan Peterson(320) 382-62782nd Monday @ 7:00 PM
Lake AndrewBonnie Watson(320) 212-28344th Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
Lake ElizabethJon Olson(320) 444-03374th Monday (Jan - Feb)
3rd Monday (Mar - Dec) (contact clerk for time)
Lake LillianLiela Garberich(320) 664-44682nd Tuesday @ 8:00 AM
MamreKimberly VanHeuveln(320) 905-46302nd Monday @ 8:00 PM (Apr - Nov)
2nd Monday @ 7:00 PM (Dec - Mar)
New LondonNancy Hammerschmidt(320) 354-46474th Tuesday @ 5:00 PM (Jan - Oct)
3rd Tuesday @ 5:00 PM (Nov-Dec)
Norway LakeDeb Hamborg(320) 366-34313rd Friday @ 9:30 AM
RoselandKim Makela(320) 247-36203rd Monday (contact clerk for time)
RosevilleCheryl Eblen(320) 290-21182nd Thursday @ 8:00 PM
St. JohnsDarrell Petersen(320) 220-55443rd Tuesday (contact clerk for time)
WhitefieldPatti Flannigan(320) 995-62443rd Thursday (contact clerk for time)
WillmarRon Klein(320) 979-94381st Tuesday (contact clerk for time)
AcomaStephanie Zetah(320) 582-06792nd Thursday @ 7:00 PM
BergenTiffany Eggert(320) 204-22802nd Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
CollinsGary Asche(320) 234-74712nd Thursday @ 8:00 PM
GlencoeDavid Milbrand(320) 864-42002nd Thursday @ 8:00 PM
HaleTammy Stifter(320) 327-25382nd Thursday @ 7:30 PM
Hassan ValleyRobert Anderson(320) 587-60552nd Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
HelenKaren Mackenthun(320) 864-63492nd Thursday @ 8:00 PM
HutchinsonCraig Schmeling(320) 583-90412nd Tuesday @ 8:00 PM
LynnKari Fraser(320) 587-44232nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
PennDonald R. Albrecht(320) 328-53752nd Monday @ 7:00 PM
Rich ValleyTheresa Rusten(320) 864-66472nd Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Round GroveDeborah Zellmann(320) 328-52772nd Monday @ 7:00 PM
SumterJanel Zimmerman(320) 510-10692nd Thursday @ 7:30 PM
WinstedShirley Kaye Carlson(612) 227-79132nd Thursday @ 7:30 PM
ActonRichard Thorp(320) 295-29031st Monday @ 7:00 AM
Cedar MillsJohn Sanken(320) 587-40061st Monday @ 7:00 PM
CollinwoodCelia Knoll(320) 275-27273rd Monday @ 7:00 PM
CosmosGerald Fank(320) 877-77951st Wednesday @ 8:00 PM
DanielsonRuss Peterson(320) 905-07332nd Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
DarwinRobin Johnson(612) 636-12731st Tuesday @ 2:30 PM
DasselKarin Colberg(320) 221-02672nd Tuesday @ 10:00 AM
EllsworthLori Johnson(320) 583-88883rd Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Forest CityCourtney Johnson(320) 434-30501st Monday @ 7:30 PM
Forest PrairieRobert Geislinger(320) 764-24214th Monday @ 7:00 PM
GreenleafDoris Johnson(320) 535-09852nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
HarveyWanda Urdahl(320) 693-84052nd Monday @ 7:00 PM
KingstonGail Schiefelbein(320) 398-84001st Tuesday @ 7:00 PM
LitchfieldDavid Lindberg(320) 693-37341st Tuesday @ 7:30 PM
ManannahDeb McCann(320) 444-22913rd Tuesday @ 8:00 PM
Swede GroveTeresa Drange(320) 699-04001st Monday @ 7:00 PM (Dec - Mar)
1st Monday @ 8:00 PM (Apr - Nov)
Union GroveLoren Pearson(320) 290-22372nd Monday @ 7:00 PM
BandonPaul Simonsen507-557-8357Contact clerk for day and time
Beaver FallsGary Simondet507-430-4689Contact clerk for day and time
Birch CooleyBill Radermacher507-557-8213
Contact clerk for day and time
Bird IslandSteve Zimmerman320-579-0252Contact clerk for day and time
Boon LakeRandy Pederson320-510-1263Contact clerk for day and time
BrookfieldPhyllis Willhite320-570-3120Contact clerk for day and time
CairoDavid Rieke507-426-7549
Contact clerk for day and time
CampRussell Boyum507-426-8110Contact clerk for day and time
CrooksVictoria Eekhoff320-894-5324Contact clerk for day and time
EmmetDavid Wordes320-522-1551Contact clerk for day and time
EricsonTimothy Beekman320-329-8180Contact clerk for day and time
FloraNathan Serbus320-522-4828Contact clerk for day and time
Hawk CreekHawk Creek320-981-0352Contact clerk for day and time
HectorDana Roiger320-833-5960Contact clerk for day and time
HenryvilleGerry Kodet507-894-8798Contact clerk for day and time
KingmanJoy Steffel320-522-1693Contact clerk for day and time
MartinsburgJana Schafer320-905-0530Contact clerk for day and time
MelvilleDorothy Elfering320-848-6393Contact clerk for day and time
NorfolkKaren Roker320-894-2166Contact clerk for day and time
OsceolaMargaret Melich320-522-0843Contact clerk for day and time
PalmyraSara Stricker641-430-6329Contact clerk for day and time
Preston LakeDayna Schmalz320-296-6334Contact clerk for day and time
Sacred HeartPeter Kronlokken507-828-9766Contact clerk for day and time
TroyKaty Holland320-522-0258Contact clerk for day and time
WangChristopher Hoffman320-579-0936Contact clerk for day and time
WellingtonBradley Freyholtz507-829-7544Contact clerk for day and time
WinfieldJudi Seehusen320-826-2527Contact clerk for day and time
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