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Planning Services

At the MMDC, we are passionate about partnering with our regional stakeholders, including municipalities, to create stronger communities through thoughtful planning.

Comprehensive Planning

The MMDC Has the expertise needed to help your community develop a comprehensive plan that will guide development for twenty years or more

Environmental and Conservation Planning

The MMDC can help your community support thoughtful development, with considerations of the natural environment as well as social, political, economic, and governance factors. We’ll help you ensure your community is sustainable for many generations to come.

Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation Planning

As a form of infill development, historic preservation and rehabilitation can provide usable and attractive buildings on land that is already developed and helps to preserve the charm of your community. The MMDC will help you develop plans to promote this type of community rejuvenation.

Park Planning

The MMDC helps communities plan the preservation and development of parks and other recreation facilities.

Zoning Ordinance and Codification Services

We can help you ensure that the right development happens in the right places so that the character of your community remains intact. We can also work with your community to develop reasonable ordinances that will reduce nuisance issues and your staff both time and headaches.

The MMDC is at your service!

Our team of experts will help strengthen your community and improve quality of life and prosperity!

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