About The Mid-Minnesota Development Commission


The mission of the Mid-Minnesota Development Commission (MMDC) is to provide technical assistance to government, businesses and local organizations; administer state and federal programs, and coordinate multi-jurisdictional activities to maintain or enhance the quality of life in the Counties of Kandiyohi, McLeod, Meeker, and Renville.

The MMDC is a political subdivision guided by a 27 member Board of Commissioners from a cross-section of constituents from around the region.  The Commission receives financial support for its activities from a variety of sources, including:

  • Local tax levies
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Contracts for technical assistance 

In the late 1960s the Minnesota state legislature recognized that challenges of growth and development transcend local government boundaries.  They found that solutions to local problems could be realized by pooling resources through intergovernmental cooperation.  To help local units of government work together, the Legislature enacted the Regional Development Act of 1969.   As a result, Regional Development Commissions (RDCs) were formed and now provide strong, regional leadership. The Minnesota Legislature has updated the Act since that time including major revisions in 1997.  There are nine active RDCs in Greater Minnesota.  Each region is governed primarily by a board of local elected officials, but the boards also include participation of private sector and local interest groups.

Mid-Minnesota Development Commission (MMDC) opened for business on May 16, 1974.  The name of the Commission at that time was the Six-East Regional Development Commission.  

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