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Nathan Reuss

Economic Development Professional

Nate joined the team at MMDC in September of 2021 and will focus his efforts on assisting stakeholders with grant applications, tackling issues such as broadband, childcare, housing, and workforce shortages, and contributing to our region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy development In his free time, Nate can be found on the trails, lakes, and fields surrounding the farm he lives and works on with his family.  He is frequently amazed by the many new things to learn and enjoys research and discovery.  Despite years of practice, Nate is easily the worst card player at any table.  Finally, Nate is an encyclopedia of trivia related to comic books from the 1980s and the Vern Gagne era of professional wrestling.  Nate is patiently waiting for the opportunity to apply these gifts productively for the MMDC.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (320) 979-6522

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