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Ben Carlson

Communications Specialist

While both Ben and his position are new to the MMDC, both are quite important. In the MMDC’s Communications Specialist role, it’s Ben’s job to ensure the public has a good understanding of what the MMDC is and what our organization does for the community. He brings a wealth of know-how and works with each of our teams to ensure our final products, including published documents, videos, and other items, are both professional and compelling. He also manages the MMDC’s social media accounts to provide a first and lasting impression of our agency. Ben enjoys the opportunity to put his skill set to work serving the community while at the MMDC. Ben is also the MMDC’s own human “Swiss Army knife”. He helps keep the rest of the team up and running by assisting with projects, fielding calls, interfacing with visitors, and supporting daily operations.

Ben lives at his home in Willmar. He is a huge sports fan and one can often find Ben at a Willmar Stingers game or watching another sporting event from his home with his dog Harmon (as in Killebrew) at his side. Much of the balance of his time is spent honing his video-sound production and social media management skills through various projects.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: (320) 894-1632

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