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MMDC Offers New “Community Enhancement Funding Opportunity

Aims to Improve Quality of Life and Opportunity for Prosperity Throughout Region

Update April 11, 2022: The MMDC will not be considering more applications until fall 2022.

October 13, 2021: As part of Mid-Minnesota Development Commission’s (MMDC) effort to support local communities and ensure high quality of life throughout the region, the organization is launching a new funding opportunity – the Mid-Minnesota Community Enhancement Fund.

501(c)3 nonprofits, school districts, and local units of government (i.e., cities, counties, and townships) located within Kandiyohi, McLeod, Meeker, and Renville Counties will now be eligible to apply to MMDC for enhancement grants of up to $3,000, which can be used to fund:

  • Health, safety, or other wellness-focused training for community members and/or specific professional or volunteer groups
  • Supplies and/or equipment needed for improved emergency response
  • Items to enhance law enforcement organizations’ ability to develop positive relationships with youth, People of Color, and other groups
  • Public amenities that will promote physical and/or mental well-being or increased opportunities for positive community interaction (walking paths, dog parks, playground and recreation equipment, etc.)
  • Support workforce training opportunities for youth and other populations

For the fund’s inaugural year, MMDC has made $30,000 available to communities. “We know many of our residents have great ideas and we want to help them bring these ideas to fruition”, said MMDC Executive Director Eric Day. “We know that our small fund won’t solve everything or make every dream a reality, but it’s a start!”

To apply for the Mid-Minnesota Community Enhancement fund please complete the form using this link:

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