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Mid-Minnesota Development Commission Employee Benefits Recap

The following is a brief overview of benefits currently offered to employees at Mid-Minnesota Development Commission (MMDC).


Holidays - MMDC observes 11 paid holidays each calendar year.

Vacation Leave - Vacation is earned by all regular full-time employees beginning at the rate of 12 days per year. This is prorated for regular part-time employees, based on the number of hours worked. After two years, employees earn 14 days. After 5 years, employees earn 16 days. After 8 years, employees earn 18 days and, after 12 years, staff earn 21 days of vacation per year.

Sick Leave - Employees serving on a regular full-time or regular part-time basis earn sick leave at the rate of four hours per pay period, prorated based on number of hours worked.

Comp Time - Exempt employees shall receive overtime compensation by compensatory time off at a one to one ratio whereas non-exempt employees receive overtime compensation by either compensatory time off or monetary payment on a one to one and one-half basis. Up to 100 hours of compensation time can be accumulated and used at the convenience of the employee.



$15,000 Term policy through USAble Life, includes additional $15,000 Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Loss of Sight.


Employees may purchase, through payroll deduction of $1.00 per month, spouse coverage at $2,000, children over 6 months of age at $1,000, and children under 6 months of age at $100 provided through USAble Life.

As a member of PERA employees may purchase $6,600 - $165,000 decreasing term life insurance for themselves and their eligible dependents for a total cost of $16 per month by payroll deduction. This coverage is maintained through The Prudential Insurance Company of America.


MMDC currently participates in the Minnesota Public Employees Insurance Program (PEIP) Advantage Health Plan. This includes a High Deductible Insurance Plan and Prescription drug coverage administered through CVS Caremark. Employees may choose coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield, HealthPartners, or PreferredOne. MMDC currently contributes $230 per month to full-time staff Health Savings Account to help offset the high deductible. MMDC also currently pays the 100% per month for the employee’s single coverage premium and 76% toward the cost of the family premium. Unless waived, Health Insurance Coverage will automatically be run through the Flexible Benefit’s Plan. Rates adjustments occur in January of each year.


MMDC participates in the American Family Insurance (AFLAC) payroll deduction program allowing employees to take advantage of lower premiums offered on a variety of insurance products. This is a service to the employees and gives the employee access to supplemental insurances not provided by the agency.

MMDC also offers an optional vision insurance plan as well as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)



Mandatary: Public Employee’s Retirement Association (PERA)

MMDC employees are public employees and as such participate in the State PERA program. The employee’s share of PERA is currently at 6.50% and the employer’s share is 7.50% of gross pay.

Optional: Deferred Compensation

MMDC employees are also eligible to participate in the Minnesota State Retirement System of Deferred Compensation. This plan is 100% employee contribution and is Federal and State Tax deferred. There is also a ROTH option where taxes are withheld now but the fund grows tax free and withdrawals are also tax free.


MMDC’s flexible benefits plan allows its employees to increase their take-home pay by reducing their taxes. There are several categories including Dependent Care, Health Insurance Premiums, Group Term Life Insurance, Outside Health Insurance, and Un-reimbursed Medical Expenses. Participation in this program can mean hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in extra take-home pay.


Employees can work with our Executive Director to determine a schedule conducive to a quality life-work balance, contingent upon good performance and good availability to regional stakeholders.

Significant remote work is permitted, contingent upon good performance and the ability to attend in-person meetings with regional stakeholders, as needed. “However, a 100 percent remote environment is not possible at this time.”


MMDC offers two options for cell phone reimbursement for staff. Option one is for phone and voice mail only while option two includes additional reimbursement for a data package and having their MMDC email linked to their phone. This election must be renewed and verified each fiscal year.

The maximum cell phone reimbursement is $50 per month


Because the MMDC is a tenant of the MinnWest Technology Campus, all MMDC employees have the opportunity to enjoy facility amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and gymnasium, without cost (guests permitted). The campus also offers abundant green space and walking pathways for all to enjoy.

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