The MMDC can assist your community with grant application procedures.  After your community has been awarded a grant, MMDC will continue with grant administration in the following categories:

  • Technical Administration
  • Fiscal Administration
  • General Administration

The MMDC will:  determine the work to be done on each grantfunded project; assure compliance with state programs; take care of all of the annual reporting as well as most of the paperwork; and make sure the project has been closed out properly.

MMDC has been able to secure millions of dollars in grant funds for its clients through grant writing services we provide.  Furthermore, with experience administering grants in nine cities throughout Region 6E and writing grant applications for many more, MMDC will be able to efficiently help your city attain and administer funding for its projects.

Contact: MMDC, Mid-Minnesota Development Commission 320-235-8504

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