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The MMDC is a member of the State Data Center Network.  As a State Data Center Affiliate, the MMDC receives CD-ROM copies of census and American Survey information from the Census Bureau.  MMDC has on file copies on both paper and CD-ROM of past census data.  Census data include data from the regular census and the Economic Census.  The MMDC also receives data from various state agencies as well as collects data on its own.  Examples of some types of Census data are shown below.  Also shown are links to various Census information and to the State Demographers Center. If you cannot find the data you are looking for, please contact MMDC for assistance. 

Census Data

Additional Data about counties and cities within the region



  • Labor Force / Commuting
  • Occupation and Income
  • Social and Economic Characteristics
  • Ancestry
  • School Enrollment
  • Veteran Status
  • Birth Rates
  • Poverty Status
  • Occupation of Employed Persons


  • General Housing Characteristics
  • Occupancy and Age of Householder
  • Structural Characteristics
  • Utilization Characteristics
  • Financial Characteristics

Data Sites

Census Bureau Home Page
Minnesota State Demographic Center
Minnesota Agriculture Statistics –USDA



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